Free SEO Tools & Resources

Below are some of our free SEO tools & resources which can help you to optimize your website for better ranking in Google, Yahoo, Msn (Bing) & other major search engines.


Free SEO Tools & Resources

Free Webmaster Tools

We have included the best 100 free webmaster tools to optimize your website free. Some of our tools are; Google ranking checker, keyword density checker, meta tag generator & analyzer, domain name tools, IP tools, search engines tools & many more free webmaster tools.

Free Directory Listing

Some of the best ways to increase your website ranking in Google & other major search engines in to have an inward links pointing to your website. We currently offer free reciprocal links in our free directory listing. However, you can select one of our directory submission & listing plans, where we submit & list your website in highly ranked directories.

Free Website Submission

Tell the top search engines about your website with our free website submission service. To achieve guaranteed & robust results in top search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Msn, we recommend our premium website submission service.

Free SEO Article Submission

This service is a new & still in the Beta stage, however, you can use this service to Submit free SEO articles & you can add links within your articles. Please note you can only submit articles with related contents to SEO i.e. articles about Google, Search engine optimization, Search engine submission, search engines news etc. Please do not abuse & spam this service by submitting articles souly to promote your website.

Free SEO Membership

Become a SEO member & get your website listed in our SEO members page. When approved & listed, your business details will be visible to million of users who may choose to user your services based on your business portafolio. Please note this service is only available to SEO consultants, SEO companies, SEO agencies & web develpment firms. Please do not request our SEO membership if your business/website is not related to the above.

Free SEO Forums

Our free SEO forums is a free SEO platform for website owners, webmasters & web developers to gain knowledge about SEO news, search engines, how to optimize your website , SEO tips & varies SEO related topics. Our SEO forums are free & we do expect users to follow our guidelines when submitting a topic. Please Do Not spam our free SEO forums with unrelated information.

Free SEO Tools