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Create free privacy policy. Use our free Privacy Policy Generator tool to create a free professional Privacy policy page for your website.


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Create free privacy policy page with Privacy Policy Generator

Use our free Privacy policy generator to create a free professional privacy policy for your website.
Why should you have privacy policy on your website: To build trust online you need to tell visitors up front that you respect their privacy and will protect it. More than likely you are selling a product or service, and if you have a professional Privacy policy your customers will feel more secure if they know that any information submitted to you will be used only in ways they have authorized.

Another important reason to have a Privacy policy is that it shows your visitors that you are

professional and trustworthy.  In addition to the above also Google says you must have a Privacy policy in their recent changes to the Terms and Conditions of their Adsense program. Fill in the short form below to generate your free Privacy policy document. Did you know you can create your Terms and Conditions free with our Terms and Conditions Generator. Updated.

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