htaccess URL Rewrite -Convert Dynamic into Static

Enhance your URLs & make them search engines friendly. Use the htaccess URL rewrite tool to convert your long and dynamic URLs into a short and search engine html friendly links.


htaccess URL Rewrite

Convert dynamic url into static html friendly links

Convert dynamic url into static html friendly links. Use the htaccess URL Rewrite to covert dynamic URLs such as php, asp, or aspx into short & static html search engines friendly links. The htaccess URL Rewrite is a greate tool to make your website links (URLs) search engines friendly. Covert dynamic into static. Using the httaccess Rewrite tool is easy to use:
1. Enter a long or short dynamic URL to convert.
2. Enter URL extension, we recommend to use html however, you can use any extension i.e htm, shtml etc 3. Enter the desired Separator to change to.
Click "Create .htaccess" button and your results will be displayed below.

Enter Dynamic URL:



(eg. - or _ or /)


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