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Google Banned Checker

Check if a website is banned by Google.

Google Pagerank Checker

Check your Google pageRank & Alexa ranking

Google Fake Pagerank Checker

Check if a website is illegally faking their Google PageRank.

Google Multiple Pagerank Checker

Check the Google Pagerank for up to 25 websites at the same time.

Google Pagerank Display

Add PageRank button to your website pages & see your Google Pagerank on your website.

Google Visual Pagerank Checker
Check your internal & external Google Pagerank for all links within your web page.

Google Datacenter

Check Google's search engine results from 32 Google data centers.

Google Caffeine

Check & compare the results form old Google with the new Google "Google Caffeine".

Google it for me

No need to remember your Google search terms. Google it and share it with the Google it for me tool.

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