Google Fake PageRank Checker Tool

Google fake rank checker tool will enable you to check if a website is illegally faking their Google PageRank.


Google Fake PageRank Checker

Google Fake Rank Checker

Some web sites use a relatively simple trick. A known loophole in the Google algorithm is that a web page that redirects to another web page will get the PageRank number of the redirected web page.

A web page that redirects to will get a PageRank of 10 because web surfers that go to the redirection page will actually land on which has a PageRank of 10.
Our Google fake rank checker tool will enable you to check if a website faking their Google page ranking using the above technique or otherwise. Don't try to get links (or even buy them) from other web sites just because these web sites have a high PageRank. PageRank numbers can be faked and if a web site is not related to your site, it doesn't make sense if that web site links to you. Always remember to use our Google fake rank checker tool to check any websites you intend to link with. You can also use our Google banned checker tool to see if a website is banned by google.

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