Google Analytics Code Encryptor to Stop Ghost and Referral Spam

Stop Ghost and referral fake spam traffic targeting your Google Analyrics data code today!


Encrypt My Google Analytics Code

If you are tired off fake traffics from ghost and referral spam hits on your Google Analytics code, then you came to the right place. We're like you, had enough of these spammers messing up with the data of our Google Analyrics code & data.

It's very time consuming to add block filter for each URL. You block one today, you get another two tomorrow. These spammers are on the increase so instead of focusing on the important things on your site, you will find yourself creating filters daily with no or little success.

So today we have created a new tool which will encrypt your code and it will make it hard to spammers to target. You can simply benefit from our new tool and focus on the important things. All you need to do is to fill-in the form below with the required details and make the payment of $3.99. We are hoping to make this tool free in the future.

Before you submit your old Google Analyrics Code, make sure to create a new one that ends with number more than 1, e.g: UA-XXXXXXXX-7. You need to use the new code to stop ghost and referral traffic. Please don't submit your old Google Analyrics Code, because it won't work!

Please fill in the form below and make your payment on the next page. All payment will be process by PayPal. Once payment received your request will be processed within the next 24 -48 hours. Your encrypted code will be emailed to your email address. Please don't submit the form without completing payment. Your order will not be processed and you may get blocked by our system for spamming.

Encrypt My Google Analytics Code

Your Google Analyrics code will be encrypt to reduce spam.

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